Uhhh Rick? What's wrong with League?

What Morty? What do you want me to ugh ugh say Morty? That League is dying? That Ugh nobody wanted Kai'Sai? She's underpowered Morty! She's UNDERPOWERED! Do you know what it's like trying to build AP AD and Crit morty? I look like an Idiot and the payout isn't even werf ugh worth it Morty! But Rick wha- what about building up one stat so she one- Shots Morty? Don't you think I tried that? Morty her whole kit is about the plugh- plasma stacks morty and the evolution of her skull argh skills Morty. You need those three things Morty no wonder you're in Bronze. You need those three things and no minions around to be good with Kai'Sa.
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