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I just finished a game where I had two trolls on my team that decide that they wanna be best friends with the enemy Lux. It started off the game with my Anivia talking all nice to her in all chat, farming pretty passively - not too big a deal. I was playing ADC, and my support Blitz runs up to mid lane to gank. He lands a pretty good hook and sets up a perfect kill - but Anivia sits there and does nothing and says she's friends with the Lux. This continued for the rest of the game. My jungler had started talking with Lux too and told her to add him later, then he just went afk. So I spend the rest of the game constantly being killed by the enemy team in a 3v5 while Anivia laughs off the idea with Lux of her being a troll. Can this not happen riot? I legitimately just want to play an enjoyable game of LoL without having trolls like this pop up constantly.
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