The whole NB3 situation thing shows Riot's relationship to streamers is really F-ed up.

Look I'm not here to talk about what happened with NB3, merely using it as an example. But after reading about the who situation I came to the realization that Riot really does give streamers way to much power. If streamers now have the power to ban players from the game, why not just make them official Rioters? Why does a streamer get to have THAT kind of power just because he or she streams and has a lot of followers? This isn't the first time a streamer has done this as well. Rioters seem to treat most streamers as if they were staff to begin with. And it's no surprise that a lot of streamers these days ARE toxic. Not all of them, but a lot are. I might be the only one t think this but Streamers get to much for what they do. The partner program allows them to get extra codes that they can make money on the side with (Either by reselling or having donation contests, and yes I know this goes against the program but streamers do in fact do this) , they get accounts with every single champion and skin unlocked, and now we've given them the power to ban players they simply don't like because of a champion or off meta play they picked. Just make them official Rioters at this point, hire them, pay them money to promote the game, give them access to the servers that allow them to ban on sight, Riot may as well just start doing this because right now Streamers have so much power, that if they AREN'T treated with the same authority as a Rioter then we have situations like the NB3 event happen.
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