I'd rather wait longer than play with premades.

I bear no ill will against premades and I apologise to all the good ones out there. We all just want to have fun and I can't blame anyone for trying to have fun in their own way. But... ...as a support main in blind pick the game very often becomes a chore as soon as premades get involved. Whenever you call your role first, the begging starts (if they don't just say “pre bot“ and then insta lock after you). Then you're left with two options: 1) Give away the role and play whatever is left =never be able to play supp when there are premades. 2) Stick to your role and face trolling, lack of teamplay, the premades going top (which is their right but still sucks for you) and other shit that only gets reinforced by the presence of a friend. Just don't put me in the same queue as premades please. I'll even accept getting lower priority than premades in an attempt to take the brunt of the potentially increased queue time on me. This way premades don't have to deal with my shit and I don't have to deal with theirs. Everybody happy.
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