What is Riot going to do?

So I've been watching the boards throughout the day, and all I see is that almost everyone doesn't like something about this preseason, whether it be the new Runes, the page system with Runes, or the all too controversial IP into BE change. As of writing this, I have yet to see anything said by Riot about BE or if the system is being looked at for change, but as a company that in someway praises its self for using feedback and listening to fans, can Riot as a company really ignore this many people and their backlash for change? The Runes I get both sides. Right now I'm not a huge fan, but those have time to change, that's what preseason is for, but this new BE system DOES NOT WORK, and people don't like it. One thing that I have thought about with the new level up and champ capsule system, is if Riot is focusing on giving people the ability to get champs if they want, or get the BE from disenchanting, why did they get rid of re rolling for a random champ and not just make it more than three? The way I see it is they made a way for people to buy champs cheaper if they get a champ shard they want. Ok fair, BUT you need BE in order to get said champ, so what I am seeing from this is Riot is prioritizing a random chance that you get the champ shard you want and then disenchanting every other shard (which don't give any BE) just so you can upgrade the one you want. I was excited for preseason, but what I feel we got was disappointing and it just doesn't feel like the league that I came to love, I hope things change in the future, but its a sad day when they try to change this much at once and don't execute well.
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