DISABLE new/reworked champions in Ranked and make UNBANNABLE in Normals the first week after release

It's the time of the year again. You know, we know it, everyone knows it. A new champion has been released or a rework of an older, and everyone wants to play it. Ranked or otherwise. No one wants a player on their team playing the new champion in ranked within the 1st week of release. No one wants her banned in Normal Draft within the first week. Yet, every time a new champion comes out, ppl will pick it in ranked and ban it in Normal Draft. Or waste a ban in Ranked on BOTH sides, just to avoid getting it on their team. The solution is simple; You disable the new champion in ranked play for the first week after the release. Meanwhile, you make that new champion unbannable in Normal Draft, so that people can actually try it out, practice and learn it. At this moment, in order to play a new champion, you must either go blind pick mode (and we all know how terrible that is). People instalocking, not respecting first call on pick order, people who will troll or leave if they did not get to instalock the champion first. Pure League of Legends cancer at its best. Or, you can go to Normal Draft and be lucky that you first and foremost got the role you desired, then, the champion NOT getting banned (which it will 9/10 times) and then be the FIRST PICK, because otherwise, enemy team will first pick it. Last option, is to go to any Ranked queue and play it, where it shouldn't be allowed, for the first, 2nd or 3rd time ever, and nobody has any experience on it or against it. "But what about other champions? You can't know if your toplane takes Riven for the first time ever in your Solo Q?" No, I cannot, however, there is a million times greater chance said person has played her since any other champion will have been out for minimum 2 months (which is usually the gap between champ releases, be it rework or new) AND they could have another account where they'd played it. At least, they will know what and how the champion works from the many times they've faced said champion. That is NOT POSSIBLE with a newly released champion or rework, UNLESS you've been spamming it on PBE for the last 2 weeks, and very few people have. So please please please, for the love of all the elo-gods, do us a favor and be reasonable; Disable new champs/reworks in ranked the first week after release and make it unbannable in all other modes, so people have a chance of playing it. Thanks.
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