Being toxic makes you lose. I don't have to explain why. Being toxic gets you perma banned. RIP 67 accounts. I am winning more because I stopped being toxic. **Knowing how to utilize gold for your team also helps.** What does this mean? This means who on your team needs the most gold. In a perfect game, your top and mid laner should be pushing side lanes until the river. Your adc should be protecting mid lane, not pushing it. **All you want to do is that if you are a jungle or support tell your laners to stay in their lane.** When it is time to team fight after you gathered your items. You group up. **"BUT I'M BEHIND IN ITEMS AND MY OPPONENTS ARE SUPER AHEAD, WHAT SHOULD I DO?"** In this case all you can do is defend your base. Let your opponents engage you under the turret. All you do is react to their plays. If one of your teammates land a crucial cc or if they overstep, you POUNCE on em. (THIS IS THEIR MISTAKE) **"WHAT ABOUT SPLIT PUSHERS?"** Send 3 man to the split pusher. I doubt teams will push a 2v4 under turret. 2 people can easily fend off 4 people because of the turret damage. So your opponents will be slow pushing the turret.
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