DEAR RIOT GAMES: Put out your bridges.

It's not good when your oldest and most dedicated players wonder why they are even playing this game anymore. - Don't arbitrarily decide everyone needs to change usernames. Are you trying to make everyone quit? - Don't randomly decide that Junglers need to memorize 5 jungles, not 1. Are you trying to make junglers quit? - Don't give supports a sightstone item that gimps their money for the rest of the game, forcing them to decide between poverty or sightlessness. Are you trying to make supports quit? - Don't do anything to piss off the other roles, now that you have junglers and supports up in arms. I'm a support main who off-roles jungle and I can't believe what you have done with this mess. My games always feel random, like a coin flip. No one is in less control of the outcome of a game than the supports. But this year is easily the worst ever for that. Snowballing is hard, Senna is broken, Melee assassins dominate the botlane, wards take longer to get and even if you make it to the midgame - now you get to be broke and powerless for the rest of the game, unless you happen to piggyback on a fed carry and get 15 assists! I would be tempted to main Jungle except now it's more complicated than ever - I don't have the time to learn all those terrain nuances and neither do I want to! And let's not even get started about Elder Dragon and how ridiculously overpowered and miserable that bonus is. The message is simple. Stop drawing a bunch of neat lazer weapons and black hole balls, and PUT YOUR BRIDGES OUT, before they burn down.
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