I seriously need your help guys

I would post this in the bug section, but last time i didn't get much help. Sometimes mid game my keyboard starts to lag real bad (my mouse responds normally), there's a 1 second delay between letters when typing and a 4-5 second delay when casting abilities, this has cost me many lives and many kills. Heres some info: - I havent played LoL in about 2 months - I got a new keyboard (doubt it's the problem since other games work just fine) - I noticed the problem started after I installed the major win10 update - My ping is stable 40-60ms - My fps is set to be maxed at 60, when I start to lag it drops by 5-10 fps (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti) Seriously guys have empathy I cant play games like I used to, playing support is like hell I get blamed for my lag
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