1 BE Capsules were reverted on Garena

https://lienminh.garena.vn/thongbao/loi-hop-huyet-nguyet-mo-ban-bang-tinh-hoa-lam Paraphrasing the engrish from google translate: "On the morning of January 11, 2019, while adding items to the store for patch 9.1, there was an incident that caused the Blood Moon Capsules to be sold for 1 BE, while the actual value of this item is 140 RP. The price was up for about 20 minutes, during which, some players bought the Blood Moon Capsules with BE. To ensure fairness, the technician team reverted all the Blood Moon Capsules purchased with BE, including skins, related skins, gemstones, and (I'm not sure what "crystal fragments" are) were removed from accounts. In the future, some mreasures will be implemented to prevent similar incidents from happening. Best regards!"
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