new players are always placed too high in their first ranked placements

I have introduced LoL to multiple friends and after achieving LV 30 and completing their placements they get placed mid/high silver. they often feed all 10 games and just through the nature of a LoL game get carried to 3/4 wins. Some even opting to play support, a role and champions (soraka) they do not play simply because of how easy it is to rely on the rest of your team and aim for a 50% win rate in placements. This inflated rank then dissuades them from playing ranked games because they feed in the too highly ranked games, get flames by more experienced and serious players and most of all the fear of dropping rank's out of silver and down into bronze embarrases them. I understand the smurfing problem the game has but new players need to be placed lower, so that they are pushed to play more ranked games to achieve their deserved rank, which is higher than their placed rank. rather than having their deserved rank be lower than their placed rank and fear playing ranked games.
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