Genuine thoughts on recent scandals/streamer issues.

Hello! I can't help but notice the repeated scandal/messed surrounding you at the moment. As a player, it also made me realize why the game I play has become so toxic, and it traces directly into your company. I'll explain and try to keep a moderate view. * I'll address the newest Numbrac getting banned first. * It's been stated the issue is he played somewhat normally, but only went Teemo mid support when he was in games with other prominent streamers. This is a fairly harsh stance, but it's okay if that's the stance and true (which IDK if I can believe with Riots history tbh, and that's sad). This signals that you're taking a pretty hard-line stance on streamers (which is sorely needed). * However, there are also better ways to do it. Surely you have a community team designed to reach out and work with streamers. Other than these acts the guy seems fairly positive, so why not have your community team reach out to him, talk to him, say "stop", work with him, and maybe even offer a potential path to partner? This is a more direct, human way to deal with the situation, and if you are taking a harder stance on streamers, works towards putting more positive people in the public light. * Then there's the elephant in the room, that's the OTHER guy. A Riot promoted streamer acting like a 6-year-old throwing a tantrum. This is almost a separate issue on its own, and one that impacts ALL of us. This makes me realize that the toxicity in my games is in a way being handed down by Riot through the streamers they support. Right now, it feels like streamers are holding Riot hostage, and that NEEDS to change. There's being toxic, there are even comments that can be considered offensive to those with/living with those with disabilities. These players are speaking for YOU! * Get rid of these people, start sanctioning them, start moving more positive people into the spotlight. They need you more than you need them, more will happily fill the gaps, change takes time, but going in that direction is important even if you take it slow. * Another interesting issue is that this level of attitude is so accepted at high-level of play that it's considered a norm, and again, that's from public attitudes. This in a way is perpetuating it to the entire viewer heavy community. I notice a disconnect between attitudes between how people feel about this situation based on ranks (high vs low) So what can we do? * Chat bans - Long term or even permanent chat bans are fine, it's solo play. Stop banning accounts except in extreme situations. It sends the worst players to alt accounts, when instead you could handle the elements while keeping them at higher ranks with chat sanctions, and start cleaning up toxicity at ALL levels. * "Opening" lane is very different in high play vs low play. We see similar stuff pop up in almost every high-rank scandal. Perhaps you should consider a new, looser surrender system at higher levels of play. * To top it all off, you got some of your biggest streamers doing things like trying to suicide into disconnected enemies to prevent them from being able to 3-minute surrender. Again, your streamers holding your company hostage breaking your ToS almost as a norm. --- * Treating co-workers...I don't know what to say, be a professional? Treat everyone like a human. If you seem to struggle around the opposite sex, try treating them like the same? * If there's a huge concern with gender treatment etc. or clear issues (there were) maybe instead of trying to do what you think you're "supposed to" by trying to create some 50/50 population through forced hiring less skilled people and female only initiatives, you could consider just promoting a qualified female for example into a position with real power that's willing to set you straight, or find a new one to help clean things up. You know, like a mother. I'm not sure where the concept of treating people equally got so difficult tbh. * This whole legal battle you've gotten into with your employees is almost ridiculous because it's unlikely any (or at least most of it) would have happened if you just sat down, listened, and worked with them as adults to address issues. There will always be a few legitimate problem people, but it wouldn't be a giant company-wide scandal. IDK what to say beyond that. I'm just really disappointed, you've released a really cool game. More recently some really cool skins etc. I haven't been able to buy any because I'm unable to support a company that acts in this manner. TL;DR Just be...human? From the perspective of a player in my position, the position of Riot as a whole is just really confusing and a bit troubling.
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