Is it normal to lose your first 10 games

I'm coming from Heroes of the Storm. I got up to level 500 over there, so I know my way around a moba. I left HOTS because my friends all moved to LoL because their computers were potatoes and/or felt like it had a higher skill cap (which it does). When I first started playing, I played a few vs ai games, won most of them, looked up guides, got tips from my friends, finally had the confidence to do pvp. Lost every single game, and still haven't won a single pvp game to this day. The weird part is, I don't feel like it's my problem. I really like mage characters, so I go mid a lot. 7 times out of 10, I do really well and win the lane. My grades at the end of the matches aren't bad either. Usually I get a B or B+ (I don't actually know if a B is good or not). But it's not enough because I still lose, so I feel like the reason is that my teammates are idiots and don't know how to play. So, my point is the title. Is it normal to lose your first 10 games? Is the matchmaking system broken or am I just super unlucky?
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