Okay, it was funny at first, now you're all just being absolutely RIDICULOUS.

I'm actually disgusted reading your cry baby posts. How DARE you try to act victimized for being a male and experiencing what _you interpreted _ as sexism for the first time. And that's just an hour and a half that MOST OF YOU making these posts, didn't even have happen to you, you just HEARD about it, and Daniel's remarks, and you were triggered because your inner neckbeard feelings were hurt. I am SICK and TIRED of this community which IS 90% male, playing the victim. You have NOT experienced sexism, and the fact that you're blowing this out of proportion this much, is almost borderline hilarious. You wanna know what sexism is like -- let's say, in just this community alone? I'll tell you what it's like. We can't even make posts on the forums that give away the SLIGHTEST bit of femininity, or we will be persecuted. The second we hint at or directly admit to being a female we get 100 posts calling us "Attention W*ores" I made a post weeks ago asking for more feminine skins -- like the star guardian ones, and I got over 30 downvotes. Just because. We have to hide our identity/gender ingame, because if not, we're told to get back in to the kitchen, and that girls don't belong on video games, or that we're an E-girl and the only reason why we're high rank is because a male carried us. If someone learns we're a female player, they're convinced we must be 500 pounds with 7 toes. I could go on....but I have to get to work. The best part about this post is that I will be downvoted relentlessly. I will be argued with about my points above, and told it doesn't happen. I will have other male players so furious that I called them out, that they will attack me, they will pretend to be a female and claim this stuff doesn't happen....etc. You're all way too predictable. Stop acting like 2 year old's, and grow the hell up.
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