I ran away from my home

A few hours ago at around 6:00 EST. I ran away from moms and ran to my dads. Now I know all of you reading will never meet me and will never actually be told in real life. I just wanted to get my story out of the way or at least say something to someone so this being out there is just for me really. So I'll start from the top, I am a 15-year-old white male from Minnesota. When I was around 7 my Mom married my stepdad, who I will refer to as bitch in this article because it's the truth. So my mom marries bitch in Mexico and woohoo. We get back home and they're married. Bitch and I lived in the same house but its sort of that cliche where the kid doesn't get along with the stepdad. And for me, it's true so we've never really gotten along even when I was 8 and we still don't. But recently it's gotten to the point where it makes me wanna slap bitch in the dick. Around 3 months ago we got into a verbal fight. But for the first time in around a year bitch decided to hurt me, he gave me a bruise all along my shoulder. I called my Dad and mom agreed I should leave for the night since this was moms weekend. So eventually the dust settles, whatever whatever, but recently it's gotten even worse with my Mom refusing to defend me like she normally would, my sisters won't talk to me at all I will literally say hey whats up sister and she'll be like Hi and go right back to watching James Charles or Jake Paul or fucking Collins Key or some shit. Now I'm usually very helpful around the house, I do my respective chores, I watch Tv with my family, I play with my 6 and 7-year-old sisters even though it SUCKS BECAUSE MOM HAD ME WHEN SHE WAS 19 and my sisters literally have complete opposite interests than me. So around 5:00 my Mom and bitch start fighting, they have been fighting a lot recently and I feel like a divorce is inevitable, but regardless I don't know. Mom and Bitch fight and I stay out of it as always, but then bitch does a full 180 and brings me up into the fight, saying I'm worthless, I never help out around the house, and that I am 15 and all I do is sit on my phone. This was the second fight I'd get into today as the first was when mom yelled at me for my grades which while they aren't the greatest, I am actually improving significantly and getting my grades up to around a B+ average. She talked about how I always procrastinate and always put shit off. Yes, I'm lazy I know. So back to this second argument, bitch finally stops with bitch finally saying "go suck a knee" (we all know what he would've said had my sisters not been around) with mom responding with "Yea never again I guess" which was a good roast. Mom then says "hey who wants to come to get out of here" both my sisters agree to come with and she asks me I said that I was good I had some homework to work on. She then proceeds to get mad at me that I don't do anything and that I'll just be on my phone while they're gone. So then she tellsme how I'm never part of the family blah blah blah and it ends with my mom saying I should call my Dad and never come back. Usually, I'd cry or resist or simply say no but this time something just lit up with me where I was like "Ok I'll do that" so I go up to my room and call my dad to pick me up. Mom then comes in the room, rips the phone out of my hands and say that I will walk to dads(who only lives around 5 miles away), so whatever I start going but then mom pulls the dirtiest move I think I've ever seen. She pulls my crying 6 and 7-year-old sisters in front of me as I'm about to go. We'd recently been getting along better and I really hated that they had to go through bitch and mom yelling at each other all the time, it's actually the worst thing ever. So I give them a hug and say that I won't be gone forever, mom then says I'm not going anywhere and say quote on quote "the thing you're best at is ignoring us and going on your phone, so all weekend you will stay in your room with your phone and not come out only for lunch and for going to the bathroom" I go upstairs but at this point I'm literally shaking. So Mom leaves and bitch mows the lawn. Keep in mind all during this time of Mom and I yelling, bitch says NOTHING at all, which leads me to believe he wanted me out. I call dad and tell him that I'm scared shitless since it would be trespassing if he went to moms I had to walk on the other side of the neighborhood to get to him without being spotted by bitch because I really didn't wanna deal with him at the time. So Dad gets me in his car, we drive off and he texts mom that I went to him and such. Dad then explains legal rights and that if we wanted to take legal action we'd have to do it on his week. So, in the end, I go back to moms and Mom is at the theater watching detective Ryan Reynolds with my sisters, however as I was walking but bitch as he was STILL MOWING THE LAWN 45 MINUTES AFTER EVERYTHING, he doesn't look at me, speak to me, or do anything. He didn't even know I was gone CAN YOU GUYS SEE THIS MESSAGE AM I A GHOST. So I'm now here writing this and yea. I'm sorry I just wanted to write this shit down to tell it. Thanks for reading if you did read the whole thing.
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