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**Over the course of five years playing League of Legends, I have learned many things. ** From the early stages of enjoyment to the hard fast paced competitive scene; League of Legends has been a critical point for me over an important period of my life. To my early friends that invited me to this amazing game, I thank you, and to my teachers that likely no longer play, I will always remember you. You showed me the amazing world of Runeterra, what it meant to be a summoner, and what it means to be something more. To someone who loved me from when I met them, through our hardships, our successes, we have always been the closest to each other and I wish you the best in life. Anyone who has supported me through the years, while enjoying the game for the fun of playing with friends or through the flames of solo queue, I thank you. **To my enemies of the rift, I do not loathe you. ** Honor level 5 meant the world to me, I shall forever keep it with me. To those of you who can put a smile on this mans face through shear challenge, I respect and wish you the best. Anyone who is struggling with their emotions of frustration, look true into your heart and your friends, I believe you can do it. Be respectful of your teammates and approach them with kindess, even through the anger, you are after all: A team. Through enough determination you can overcome any obstacle with enough willpower and support. Never tilting again. **To all of the content creators over the years, this is for you.** From OG Dunkey boi, to modern day content creators, I thank you; you have always put a smile on my face. Over the years I have seen many of you rise and fall over various reasons. One thing in common with all of you, even through the bad, you genuinely enjoyed what you were doing and playing League of Legends. Good ole Trick2g, back at it once again, breaching De Gates with his best man Sirchez. Musically talented badministrator to Falconshield and many more; you have touched my heart with your music and I thank you. Upcoming content creators, go through with your ideas, show us what you can do! **Riot Games.** From two very passionate gamers, to a team that by far has created the best game the world has ever seen, I thank you. Your music, your art, your champions, your goals, have been reached. You will be remembered by me. Worlds this year looks amazing, as it does every year, from the OG squad back in season one and two to the fresh faces of seasons eights close. I look forward to see what season nine has in store for our fellow summoners. **Sincerely, Anthony Stone The King Under the Mountain.** Many of you will wonder why I created this, someone who has no fame, no following, this is to you, the players of this great game. I thank you with everything from the bottom of my heart. This is goodbye and farewell, I will remember all of you.
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