I dont seem to enjoy any game whether its a win or a loss

I really dont understand how this fast paced meta is supposed to be fun or exciting. Every game I play is my team stomping and winning in 20-30 mins or the enemy team stomping and winning in 20-30 mins. In like 90% of the games I play there is no comeback potential for either team, every champ I see in games is very snowbally and Its basically the same champs every game: Pyke, Zed, Aatrox, Caitlyn, Lee Sin, Katarina, etc. Tbh I'm bored of this mobility creep to the point that if I'm laning against a hypermobile champ like Katarina, Zed or Qiyana I just dont even try anymore, I avoid trading with them because its really unfun. Even if the enemy is a bad player they can look ''cool'' and ''skilled'' just because their champ deals a lot of damage and jumps around randomly. I'd really like to be able to think more about the best possible strategy or plan to win the game instead of being forced to think about how to avoid all the flashy combinations that my enemy laner could use to kill me in less than a second without a single item completed. Would be nice to see what you all think about this in the comments because really the only reason I keep playing this is because I still like a handful of champs and I invested 5 years into this game.
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