Before we start here. Let me say this is my first chat restriction and im NOT saying that I was in the right because by no means was I. Now I rarely ever speak to being flamed/trolled and have done COUNTLESS games over the past week. I've posted the exact chat below which I will admit i got kind of upset over the first game of being trolled in jungle by my own team as well as the second game where my adc absolutely refused to fight even after i begged her to. The immediate second I started an engage as Taric she ran away and spammed emotes at me. So keep in mind this is why i was Upset in said games. Honor level 2 chat restricted for TWO GAMES of responding to one, being flamed for having to deal with a toxic ashe backing off every time i engaged as taric then spamming emotes at me. and 2 constantly dealing with MY OWN TEAM stealing buffs from me and jungle camps from me at level 4. Then i get called an int feeding toxic jungle for asking for help. What is ACTUALLY wrong with riot's ban system. Its 100% trash, complete garbage, absolutely troll friendly. A 5 queue could report you for saying hi and i guarantee you'll be restricted. Honestly at this point its better for RIOT to just completely remove chat. Because it causes so many troubles and their solution is an AUTOMATED SYSTEM THAT RESTRICTS PEOPLE WHO RECIEVE TOO MANY REPORTS. I could go off reporting people every game for nothing at all and still manage to get at least 4 or 5 responses for unsportsmanlike conduct feedback. The second game i managed to get autofilled jungle. Never asked for a swap but I made sure to let my team know that i didnt know jungle. The Urgot just stood about 2 feet away while i died to HIS lane in the river bush next to lane while he was csing after multiple pings that i was on my way. The fiora was flaming me for not knowing jungle and the Pyke was intentionally pulling buffs over walls to prevent me from getting them the whole game. AND IM THE ONE THAT GETS RESTRICTED FOR IT. This is the community YOU GIVE POWER TO. All we can do as players that actually play the game to enjoy it is "Mute all chats and say nothing" THATS YOUR SUGGESTION TO YOUR COMMUNITY. GREAT CUSTOMER APPRECIATION RIOT. I'm mildly convinced that based on everything ive seen about chat restrictions, it appears to be a reason to lock players out of content that they paid for so riot makes MORE money. They know players will make a new account and spend more to make up for losing stuff. All i've seen over the past week between level 17 and 30 are people starting over from being permabanned or smurfs. Its kind of insane. Game 1 Pre-Game El GhÖsTy: hm El GhÖsTy: i suck at jungle :D El GhÖsTy: i didnt o.O El GhÖsTy: i picked top/bot El GhÖsTy: lol El GhÖsTy: ^ El GhÖsTy: i mean. he called you the genius not me El GhÖsTy: so its not really bad for him El GhÖsTy: o.O El GhÖsTy: plus El GhÖsTy: im not one to complain :D El GhÖsTy: i just do what im filled into In-Game El GhÖsTy: thats normal for kogmaw El GhÖsTy: kill her? El GhÖsTy: or not El GhÖsTy: cool El GhÖsTy: appreciate it El GhÖsTy: in the bush El GhÖsTy: okay El GhÖsTy: thats twice now you guys have done nothing to help El GhÖsTy: BOY I LOVE FIGHTING LANES IN JUNGLE El GhÖsTy: you just stood there El GhÖsTy: muted El GhÖsTy: i have hands down the most useless group ive ever seen El GhÖsTy: i dont know what part of autofilled jungle means dont help your jungler who clearly doesnt jungle El GhÖsTy: urgot El GhÖsTy: come on man El GhÖsTy: like El GhÖsTy: he just walked away El GhÖsTy: ... El GhÖsTy: Im being punked i have to be El GhÖsTy: i swear im actually having a headache El GhÖsTy: from watching them El GhÖsTy: Like i got autofilled El GhÖsTy: idk how to jungle El GhÖsTy: okay El GhÖsTy: now you too El GhÖsTy: so ive OFFICALLY died from every lane refusing to rotate El GhÖsTy: thats actually absurd El GhÖsTy: feeder? El GhÖsTy: ive died three times in MY JUNGLE FROM OTHER LANES El GhÖsTy: couldve had that El GhÖsTy: yea El GhÖsTy: ur muted too El GhÖsTy: report this fiora El GhÖsTy: can do. what for? El GhÖsTy: pyke El GhÖsTy: are you actually joking right now El GhÖsTy: you just pulled her into me genius El GhÖsTy: i have the fiora over here flaming me for not knowing how to jungle, pyke being toxic for no apparent reason, started it in pre-game El GhÖsTy: why so you dont get reported? El GhÖsTy: you're gonna be toxic to someone who's trying to be nice El GhÖsTy: except El GhÖsTy: i am El GhÖsTy: im having to farm to catch up to how far you guys have put me behind. you dont see me flaming you for it do you? El GhÖsTy: then why are you being toxic towards me for doing a role idk how to do? El GhÖsTy: so my talking is reason for you to be toxic? El GhÖsTy: see how El GhÖsTy: we start fights and the whole team runs awya El GhÖsTy: FAIRLY certain they're queued and trolling El GhÖsTy: im trying to cs to catch up and they are all clearing my jungle El GhÖsTy: its pretty toxic El GhÖsTy: yea report this pyke El GhÖsTy: purposely swatted my red El GhÖsTy: pyke toxic and fiora toxic. both of em El GhÖsTy: god that was disgusting Post-Game El GhÖsTy: benefit of the doubt but when you're being toxic towards your jungler for not knowing how to jungle Game 2 In-Game El GhÖsTy: blue > wolves > raptors > red > scuttle El GhÖsTy: then krugs El GhÖsTy: stop El GhÖsTy: jesus El GhÖsTy: :) El GhÖsTy: ashe El GhÖsTy: you need to pay attention that got me killed El GhÖsTy: next time im not dieing for you El GhÖsTy: its all fine when she's being fed kills but she has zero map awareness and i have to stay back and die for her El GhÖsTy: im done El GhÖsTy: report this ashe El GhÖsTy: im out El GhÖsTy: use your brain? El GhÖsTy: im playing the most aggressive support in the game El GhÖsTy: muting you. ta El GhÖsTy: i swear getting an adc that can actually adc is like against riot's terms and conditions El GhÖsTy: i swear getting an irelia that doesnt feed her lane is 100% impossible El GhÖsTy: "was" El GhÖsTy: okay ashe El GhÖsTy: okay El GhÖsTy: this ashe is trolling Post-Game El GhÖsTy: good god ive never wanted to vomit from watching someone adc before
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