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So we had NO ADC for almost 8 minutes into the game. Remake was not an option. The ADC disconnected from the game at approximate 2:55. at 3:01 _**I did type /remake and /ff. Game states its to early.**_ So as a Zyra support this game I decide to hold down tower. Didn't go well with a brand and Jhin combo. Brand got to lv 3. Flashed E, Q combo Ignite then W and just waited for his passive to end it. Poof 1st blood under tower. 8 minutes go by and whoopie doo Summer has Reconnected. I decide its best if i just go an Roam. you know let my ADC get fast XP. I go mid to help due to the fact zed is under turret and he is fighting a yasuo. by time I got there yasuo Power dived zed and killed him. Well I walked all this way might as well kill this wave before zed and yasuo respawn. Lordy lord did this just set another GROW MAN off the deep end. Remind you the wave pushed and DIED before yasuo made it to lane. Our Mid zed was non stop Key board warrior after that play. Then just sat mid tower and raged more for no reason. would not un tilt for the life of him. So my next option was to help my Nasus that was cowering under tower cause of the Wu kong kicking his butt, By 2 level and 40 cs. Nasus died for 5th or 6th time in just 10 minutes. Well As was just finally coming out of top Tri bush. I cleaned up and figured heck Ill grab these 4 cs and Teleport home. Well for some reason this tilted top. I dont know why but it just did. So for the next 20 minutes of life im running around trying to save towers. get CS cause everyone is a keyboard warrior. oh yea Trynmeder was our jungler. This didnt go well either. postive note about this guy was he didnt type he tried to fight but died every time. So Riot thats one game of MANY that I have. Why didnt I just stay bottom lane? Why didn't I just feed? Why in the world would I want to win? I do not know man I just don't know brotha.
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