So as you can see from my nick, I'm bisexual...

And I have to say, my entire life is a sexual innuendo. Some people are losing their shit over Neeko being gay and shoving it up everyone's throat. And you know what? I completely missed it. When she said something like "good memories with you" to Nidalee, I was like "haha, that's gAyyy", but I was completely joking with myself. When I saw the first thread addressing it, I was like... "Wait- WHAT?" The fact that it went straight (haha, get it) over **MY** head with an actually audible *whoooosh* sound makes me think, how the hell is she "shoving it up everyone's throat" (second time written, but this is just way to cheap)? And on top of that, **I still doubt it**. People need to calm down. #OfFeNsiVeChArACtEr
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