What's the point of doing it?

I don't get why ppl act so entitled when half of the ppl here main every generic assassin and feeds his ass off from time to time. And everyone act's like they never ever die more than twice a game. That's pathetic af. Everything bad that happens is cuz of yasuo. Yasuo players get all the shit just because they try to enjoy a goddamn video game u should do the same. Playing yasuo nowadays leaves a disgusting feel since everyone looks down on u and they are ready to write an Essay how bad the yasuo guy is and that he deserves the worst death imaginable. It's just disgusting even daring to pick yasuo the teams will not only abuse u but wilingly lose the game so that filthy yasuo kid loses. I myself stopped playing yasuo because the negativity and mental abuse started to get to me. Don't do something to the other people that u don't want to happen to u. Peace.
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