10 Addition Ideas that Need Having a Look At

Hello everyone, Every so often, while playing League, I think of something that the game is lacking, or come up with an idea of something new that could make everybody’s general experience quite a bit better. Today, here are 10 that I came up with. I’ll probably be doing several posts of the same kind, when I’ve got 10 more to suggest. I hope someone from Riot will come along, so they can see what they think of it, and maybe implement it. If ever you have any questions about anything, I'll be happy to answer, so don't hesistate ! Have a great day, _Mopoii_ **In-Game KDA** Show the player's kda and the destroyed towers & inhibs when you scroll over him in the client. (maybe that 15-minute game is about to be over so can know to wait for your pal) **Spectating WHO ?** Add a feature showing who a person is spectating when you scroll over them in the client. (are they waiting for you or not ?) **Ability ratios** Show the ratios of every single ability for every single champion in-Game. Also say what ratio colour corresponds to what stat. (It’s just a lot better than having to look up the wiki etc.) **Spell descriptions** In champion description, in the client, add an option to show the whole description of the abilities, with the ratios. **Classify items my order** Add an option in-game that allows you to classify items by their stats, not just their price (useful in many situations). **PBE RP timing** Add a timer on the PBE that indicates you when you will receive your free RP (just for convenience). **Skin & champion whishlist** Add a “wishlist” of champions or skins you’d like to have to make is easier for others to give you some (or even for you to remember). **Ban favourites** Add ban favourites, just like select favourites. (let’s be straight, some champs are sometimes too damn op at some times). **Champ select preferences** Remember if the player’s champion order is by mastery, favourite or alphabetical order. **Lobby view profile** Add the ability to right-click on someone in lobby to see their profile (just more convenient).
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