Don't Doubt Yourself or Your Main Role

So, hi. I am a Support main. So, yea I made it to Silver 1 exciting for me considering I reached Silver III and was hardstuck between IV and III. Now, however I getting more frustrated with my experience because I either my team plays it good or really bad. Lately, I've moved away from Support and been playing so many different roles that I shouldn't be playing. Mid, Top, Jungle, ADC? (WHY DID YOU DO THAT ME?) Well here I am making this thread. After rethinking I decided it's time to go back to Supporting. Not because it's easy, but because that's the role I exclusively used to climb with, I played nothing else, just Support. I just realize that playing a carry role, isn't really for me. Warwick, Twisted Fate, Malzahar, and a few other champions I can play decently, but not to the extent of my Supporting. What I'm getting at here is that there's going to be lots of frustration with your main role (especially Top right now), but if it's the role you've been maining your entire career, maybe then it's time to take a break. Sometimes taking a break is better than switching up your role, after absence I got back into Support and I've had relatively great games (granted I lost em), but the overall experience was more enjoyable cause I had an actual impact. If you check my OP.GG my last games were Top and Jungle, again I lost some, but I was terribly frustrated at the time with those 2 Thresh games I had. League of Legends has changed many times. Honestly, it changed so much from when I first played it. My first login screen was reworked Poppy's Login. The Support changes unfortunately I am not too happy about, in fact everytime I look at the new Support items. I just say to myself, "Why can't I have a Shield for {{champion:412}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:89}} ? It makes me feel much tankier and stronger early game. Why can't I have more movement speed for {{champion:37}} {{champion:143}} ? I love the burst of speed and the hit-and-run gameplay!" The Quests have changed the Support role to be much more enjoyable, but as every fun thing that comes to Supports. It's Relic ADCs that ruin it completely. . . oh well. What can you do? If you have frustrations with your role, just think back to when you first play League. What got you stuck onto that role? The Champions? The play-style that you can have in that lane? Or was it because it taught you a cool trick you can implement into your future games, because you planned it out? Once you answered these, you can really see how you got into the role to begin with. Everytime I support, I have a smile across my face as the ADC I protect is now this mean killing machine. I like Supporting, because of the rag-tag team aspect of it. Two players, One is the Guardian, the other is the fierce, but reckless fool you have a love/hate relationship with. I say if you ever doubt yourself about the role, you shouldn't. It just means there's some uncharted territory you have yet to discover. Maybe those Tanks you once looked over, could be a nice addition to your pool of Top Lane Champions. Those assassins that could help shut down an ADC. Or An ADC whose kit seem interesting. We may not have the flashiest of plays in our selected Roles, but it's that our satisfaction that YOU! as a player have refined your skills to make such a game winning play with your select champ is what's awesome about League of Legends. Don't ever doubt yourself about your Role, or become a Meta Slave for the sake of winning. If you aren't having an enjoyable experience with being too Meta, then why do it? If it's for the sake of winning, no. I rather have you play something that YOU yourself can enjoy playing and be at the peak of your performance. You shouldn't be a meta slave, sure if you really REALLY want to win, fine. But you might regret being high rank and just finding a hallow victory waiting for you, instead of a well-fought Victory with some of your favorite champions. How did you get into your main Roles? What Champions? Playstyles the Lane enforce? Got you into that role. That's my Question to you guys, best of luck to you guys on the Rift!
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