@riot, why are u silent

and more importantly, why are u protecting the employees instead of making them pay for their mistakes? I find it very interesting how you'll ban people and chat ban people over stupid ass shit *no matter the context in which it was said or if it was said between friends* but when it comes to the employees that made the jokes they did you're basically defending them you're not talking about THEIR mistakes, saying the jokes in the first place, YOUR mistakes, the whole pax thing and *NOT FIRING THE EMPLOYEES* like seriously what the fuck is wrong with you people? for a company who supposedly is appalled by sexism and racism shit so much you'll perma ban anyone who shows that you sure as hell don't seem to care if someone says it AT WORK AND OBVIOUSLY LOUD ENOUGH AND TO ENOUGH PEOPLE FOR A COMMUNITY OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD TO NOW BE AWARE OF IT sorry for ranting but we shouldn't let up on riot until they apologize and talk about what happened and what should happen
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