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So, now that the popup is no longer optional, and people who refuse to go along with Riot Accounts are locked out of the game, can we at least be told why this whole change was done in the first place? Weve heard a lot of different justifications, but every single one of them fell apart when you just took a closer look. First it was claimed that its to allow one account for a multi-game platform which the current one couldnt do. Except the LoR preview weekends showed clear that yes, it in fact could do that. Then it was claimed to improve security, but the new Riot Accounts are a lot less secure than the current league accounts. So that likewise was completely false. And beyond that, there appears to be no benefit for anyone involved. For players, the accounts became less secure and since each email could now only correspond to one account, this meant you had to make an email for each account you wanted to make on another server. So if you want to play with friends in NA as an EU player, youre screwed. This is the one thing, the one benefit this change couldve had, letting you just switch servers with the same account, but no, thats not possible because god forbid this change would have a benefit. But even worse than this just being a terrible idea from the very start, is how they managed to implement it in the worst possible way. By making who gets to keep the name "Last Man Standing", they rewarded the players who either quit the game already, or barely play it. Aka the people that should be rewarded the least. With their justification being that "the players wouldnt know why they have to change their usernames", except you already told them why, changing the why would legit be no work at all. Then they chose to keep account names rather than using email supposedly because they "couldnt get it done in time", but that likewise is bullshit, since the email system is already long in place. So please, tell us the true reason why you did this idiotic change. Was it cost-saving? Was it some legal reason you couldnt get around? Was someone just bored and decided to play an elaborate prank on the playerbase that got way out of hand?
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