LP loss when Teammates Rage Quit

Has Riot given any consideration to decreasing the LP loss in games where you have teammates who feed for the first 5-10 minutes and then quit? Effectively, it's now 4v5 with at least one fed champion on the other team. Not impossible to win, but also not likely. Additionally/alternatively, could Riot reward more LP for winning a 4v5 or surviving until a certain time limit (30+ minutes)? I know they try to create algorithms that prevent people who quit from being in games with those who don't, but they obviously don't work - on my account I may have left 3 games in 2 seasons due to connectivity issues. Potentially, for new accounts (< level 75) don't allow these players into games with those over level 75 as part of the leaver buster system. Some of these are smurf accounts, which will ultimately make it into the higher levels. Others are just new accounts because they had their previous account banned for similar behavior. Please consider adjusting the LP reward/loss for rage quits. I'm not a platinum player, nor do I pretend to be, but I have been demoted for losing 3 consecutive games due to rage quitting summoners which really makes me want to quit this game entirely.
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