I'm tired of League and now I've found a new game to get addicted on

**Warframe.** Anyone heard of it? I don't know, but I really enjoy the cool theme (you are a space cyborg/ninja) and the game itself will take number for completion so it's a great waste of time! You can mod your ninja (called a warframe in the game) which is basically like runes in League or get an entirely different warframe with unique abilities and there are quite a few of them too. For me, the best part is the dashing/flipping/double jumping/gliding/wall climbing/spinning while slicing enemies apart... it's an entirely different perspective from League, and although it's 3rd person, it gives you a sense of freedom in your movement that League could never give. Sure Akali can dash, but you'll never get to experience the way it feels when watching from behind. Anyways, my point is: I've found a great game to waste my life on and if you are tired of S8, might as well try it out--can't hurt. ######I sound like an advertisement, but that's how into the game I am.
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