Bronze 3 Ban

I would like to start off by saying that i'm in Bronze 3 and received a ban for toxicity. I understand being toxic isn't something you wouldn't want on your team but i was trying hard(new to ranked) and all he was doing was being toxic. Making fun of me, calling me trash, all of it. And all i did to defend myself was to say "0 kills and look at your rank. Due to being toxic i received a 14 day ban not understanding what i did to get the ban. I would like to ask for any of your guys opinion based off what i said. plz help must get back on that grind :) Game 1 In-Game DBlaze420: `` DBlaze420: mb i missed lol DBlaze420: calm down buddy DBlaze420: look at ur rank DBlaze420: same rank dude lol DBlaze420: mad cuz ur rank is shit like mine DBlaze420: oh well DBlaze420: sucks DBlaze420: idk y ur talking so much ur 0/2 DBlaze420: no kills DBlaze420: no kills DBlaze420: js keep playing like a %%%%%% DBlaze420: it stared ur moms name btw DBlaze420: yo fat ass mom DBlaze420: %%%%%% DBlaze420: no kills DBlaze420: js hide in spawn %%%%%% DBlaze420: ill wait DBlaze420: what cant hear ppl w no kills DBlaze420: abt time DBlaze420: oh well Thank you for your time
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