I've never seen a company more dishonest and disconnected from their playerbase than Riot

You shoved TFT down our throats and hyped it like there is no tomorrow, then act like keeping it permanent was an unexpected event. Even if it would have utterly failed, you would've kept it anyways, you never introduced it just to test the waters like you did with NB, you put it live for good from the very beginning. You never gave NB that kind of chance or treatment, even though from what I've personally seen, the feedback for it was overall better than for TFT even if _apparently_ the popularity didn't follow, the ratio was there. The only reason TT has been deserted is because you didn't care for it. For one, I've always wanted to play TT, but I just didn't because I know they is absolutely 0 balance. You never gave it a chance, either. And neither did you toward Dominion. You gave TFT more love in a week than you have TT in years. You have no casual friendly mode where you can actually pick your champion. You're just taking away all of the variety League had offered over its lifespan little by little. For some reason, you still care about ARAM though... Even though you didn't chose to keep bans for whatever fucking reason, even though nearly everyone who gave the tiniest of a shit about ARAM highly praised the addition. I just want something other than the Rift or ARAM. I want a little bit more variety to what I can do on League of Legends. And I want to play a MOBA, NOT a gamemode that requires 0 input from me, only to watch, for a good half of the game. It's actually fucking ridiculous that afaik the biggest MOBA out there cannot even offer 1v1s, 2v2s, and is just straight up gonna bury the body of the only not-5v5 mode. "We hope you continue to enjoy all the fun ways to play League of Legends." You removed all of them. And at the end of the season, you're losing yet another player alongside TT. Morrowind is a better waste of time anyways.
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