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Here me out, she's not doing as great now. There is just no reward in playing ANY champion that requires aiming ~~or fun anymore~~, but it would sure be A LOT more fun if her charm could just simply do what it initially did (since we're reverting stuff back _anyways_) and stop dashes. (we can make do without the damage buff, but it would definitely help with **all these new champs that also don't do anything to get rewarded but still do anyway**) Lee sin Q's me and I charm him for attempting to tower dive me should not mean I die because he chose to dive me even tho it was clearly a bait. Just bring back ~~the reward to~~ skillshot champions, I used to see zeds do some crazy stuff with there shadows and even if they were against me id still be surprised and learned something cool, LeBlanc used to do some crazy out maneuvers and chain me and I'd be stunned-- I missed my charm! now all she does is proc the damage ring with her point-and-click or dash to land her point-and-click damage button. (but this is fun for some people apparently) I still want my ahri buffs too, all these new champs are making me start to main other champs that require no form of thinking, aiming or risk-reward, I legit just sit there killing minions hoping that my champ scales harder or that one of my laners doesn't feed. FYI: Yes I've made bad plays and acknowledge that I do mess up sometimes, No I don't only play Ahri - she is simply my main - the issue for me is just that all these champs are dealing damage with little to no effort - that is whats really getting to me. I've played this game about 4 years and I know others have longer but its changing in the wrong direction and I want this game to continue to grow in a way that rewards more experienced players not the new summoners who are here to flame and feed if they aren't fed by 15 minutes.
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