I feel like people judge Riot too harshly sometimes

They're a big ole company now, all grown up, so good job on them. I'm personally proud to have been a League player, to have been a part of this experience. Being as large as they are though doesn't make them immune to mistakes. Hiccups happen in all companies, big and small; technical errors, internal disagreements, mismanagement, and millions upon millions of people all need to be taken into account every single day. They're also constantly fighting the uphill battle of making this game bigger and better all the time, and especially more dynamic. They're not a machine, they're human like the rest of us. Mistakes will happen that seem like common sense no-brainers, and balancing a dynamic and competitive game with this many playable characters is literally impossible. So yeah, give them a break sometimes. ^^ ... With the exception to their increasingly shady business practices and blatant disregard to their own community. Like, what the hell is up with Prestige Points?
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