Auto-Fill excuses

We all have to auto-fill at some time. This Pre-Season I have been auto-fill more than I can count. Yes, I hate it but I'll play it. The only thing that suck is watching someone else play your main role and suck at it..... (Makes you think why RiotGames auto-fill you instead of this guy) -------------- Anyway, the story is I'll be seeing people getting auto-fill and they'll go 0-15 in game and say "Auto-Fill" as in excuse to their feeding in-game. If Auto-Fill can be an excuse to inting every time someone suck JESUS. Just because you got Auto-Fill that shouldn't change how you should play the game, the only thing that should change is the Champion. If you got Auto-Fill Top or Mid, play Tanks or Control mages. Stop trying to play Carry Champ like Fiora, Jayce, Leblance, Katarina. --------------- Like it ain't that hard to still play the game, but people act like it's a whole different game if they get "AUTO-FILL" It's the END OF THE WORLD if they get "AUTO-FILL" --------------- If you get AUTO-FILL adc or support Thank Riot because they made it possible to play Assassin's Support Now, and even Mages can play as ADC too now Jungle.... I mean Jungle still the same shit I suppose if you get Auto-Fill. Just play something stupid easy like Warwick, Nunu, Amumu Just run in there and press R really.
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