Quitting league because of the state of some champs

Yeah, nobody cares, we know. Nasus - Absolutely broken beyond anything else out there. Comes online in 10 minutes instead of the 20-25 in s3. Infinite scaling. Way too safe a laning phase with w for disengage and the passive lifesteal, only a handful of champs can bully him out of lane. Level 6 is a powerspike compared to nothing else out there. Free cloth armor, health crystal, half a null magic mantle which becomes a full one after 10 seconds of his ult, 2 cloth armors by the end of his ult, 50% CDR on his Q, 2% max hp magic damage every second, bonus range on Q. W is the strongest cc in the game, worse than stuns in many ways. 95% slow, point and click, ranged, 50% AS reduction means any AS based champ can kiss their DPS goodbye. 6-7 minutes average nasus player Q trades any non tank/juggernaught champ for a little more than 1/3rd their health with a single E+Q. Yasuo - actually balanced for what he is, no other way to make this champ viable. But, should be deleted because of how antifun laning against him is. Cant even kill a single minion when first waves crash before his tornado is up and need to move away or eat a tornado followed by autos and more Qs. Level 2 is worse, can dash in and trade freely. If you trade back you will simply lose because Q is low cooldown, auto reset, and you will get hard cced on the third Q, giving him first blood. If you back off he dashes through his minions and goes back to farming, doing the same thing again in a few seconds. Absolutely disgusting to play against if I wanted to get a headache I would just drink too much. Feels awful the next morning but still way more worth it than playing against this champ. Illaoi - way too unfun to play against. If I wanted to take 2 redbulls to play a mini game id rather go back to the math software I used in 2nd grade. And god forbid you have an immobile jungle and top. Even a 3 man gank in his ult is a triple kill for him or waste spells and summoners to engage just to HAVE to disengage when he presses R. Garen - Build full tank still tons of damage, build full damage still too tanky. Base stats and stat growth are way too much for his kit. Now they want to turn his ult into straight up true damage. Can play like utter trash in his lane then just back off for 15 seconds and be full health again. Darius - Kiteable, yes. You dont kite in teamfights though, and he does have phage and a decent slow on W, not to mention the grab. Resetting true damage ult, not even needed often given the heavy damage his bleeds do anyway. I already quit this game soon after darius came out because of how unfun he was to play against. Second time I quit was after Yasuo came out. Now this raidboss at level 6 10 minutes into the game nasus that just endlessly keeps scaling is just too much for me. Git gud? ur silver lol nobody cares. 'they have counterplay'. 'i never lose vs these champs' 'its just you' yasuo is a permaban since hes been out, and 90% picked if he isnt banned. So, its not just me. Can tell from my own teammates attitudes when they play these champs what they are all about. Nasus players have no interest in objectives or teamfights. All they are interested in is testing out how many people they can kill at once. Horrible players with no macro, still win despite horrible mistakes regardless which team they are on. Dont use w to peel for carries, dont try to take out enemies that are trying to kill their carries, just W who they want to and leave the teamfight chasing 2 people. Cant really complain because they do kill those 2 people, and then the 3 other people who killed the rest of the team, solo push and end game. We win, yes, but is that fun for the rest of us? Horrible state of balance. Not to mention the client is pure shit, 4 years since the gifting bug where recieved gifts still show every time you login despite the gift being given years ago. Im not going to waste my time with this shit ass company any longer. They are the Microsoft of MoBAs. Highest market cap from right product at right time is all. No longer right product, but nobody can spend enough time developing and maintaining a game to compete because of the popularity of this one. They dont care about this game, just $$$.
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