In memory of my brother

My younger brother passed away due to a fatal car accident this morning. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I wanted to try and let his life affect just a few more people before he fades out. His name was Tyler, and he loved league. We both did. He was always just a little bit better than me and would always rub it in my face. When I went away to college, the only way we could really spend quality time together was through league. We pretty much met every day at the same time and duo queue&#039;d together. I stuck mid, and he always went for the scumbag Darius top. I never really understood how he did so well on Darius cause I really sucked at him, but I pretty much expected him to get 2v1 doubles if the jungler ganked top. As his older brother, I always acted like I knew better but he really did make me a better person every day. As someone who rages when I lose, I always admired his ability to keep cool and not lose focus. His favorite line that he used on me all the time was &quot;Life&#039;s too short to feel anything but joy.&quot; He brought so much joy and love into my world and so many others, and I have to believe that even in his final moments he wasn&#039;t feeling anything other than joy. He ran off the road this morning going to work, and unfortunately his brain was no longer receiving blood and the young man I loved and cherished ceased to exist. He passed this morning at the age of 19. Even in death he made people&#039;s lives better by being an organ doner, and I hope that this post will help anyone at any point point in their life who&#039;s having a rough time getting by realize that there is good in the world and we need to cherish it while we can. Best of luck on the Rift my friends, and remember: _&quot;Life&#039;s too short to feel anything but joy&quot;_ {{champion:122}} Edit: Thanks for all the support! I've been reading all the comments to my sisters and it's been really heartwarming. <3

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