Unfair treatment and extreme punishment.

I've played more than 1000 games this season in all three queues and I've been an exemplary summoner and friend to all my teammates. I find it rather preposterous that I had one bad game of RANKED Twisted Treeline where my teammate (playing alistar) fed 7 kills in 7 minutes and then admitted to being a new player and unfamiliar with anything regarding the game. I flamed because I was getting tired of having constant teammates who buy a lvl 30 account then feed. Due to my behavior in that game, I was chat restricted and my honor level dropped to locked. I've been grinding ever since to be on my best behaviour and amass honor after honor to get back to lvl 2. I've been told by riot support that it is very likely that I'll get back to lvl 2, but now when it's the end of the season I'm at checkpoint 2 of 3 and just spoke to a representative that told me there was no way to get back. This is absurd considering the hundreds of hours I spent trying to climb out of elo hell. How is this fair that one game, out of A THOUSAND, makes it impossible now for me to get the rewards I've been slaving over for a year now?
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