Tahm Kench NERF?????

Soooo Janna has a win rate of 56%......Nami has one of 54% and Lulu as well.....yet Riot thinks it was a good idea to nerf tahm with a 48% win rate...like what is the logic behind it? Janna is dominating bot lane and they nerf her move speed by 5 and nothing has changed....yet supp that barley anybody plays needed to be nerfed even more??? is there goal to make champs like tahm and Braum to disappear or what? 48% win rate on both champs and they got hit harder then a 56% win rate champ..... who comes up with those ideas? WW has been dominating jg as well and hasn't received anything in over 3 patches.....but a freaking 48% win rate champ gets it lol...... i`m more then confused by the thought of that nerf. anybody an idea of whats up with that?
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