I am concerned of how people will think of riot, and where league of legends is going.

Most of the time when I hear that "Riot is a *gorilla* company," I usually brush it off as just a ploy from either someone who had a bad game, is toxic or even both. But seeing what keeps unfolding I am starting to see some part of it being a reality. Starting off, I am not saying Riot is all in for the money or anything, but if they want more profit, they should focus on fixing balance issues by listening to the community, not everything can be determined on paper. If riot listened to the community more, then their patches would be a lot more favorable since they would buff or nerf, or even rework the correct champions, instead of buffing something like zoe or nerfing Galio. The same goes for new champion, if riot wants some unique champion ideas, they can look at the concepts and creations that people make, they aren't there JUST for show. People are waiting for champions that riot hasn't made before (including the ever so popular fat lady champ), but instead they repeat the same things, over-exaggerated body proportioned people, a disney thing, and rarely a horrific beast, they never tried anything new so far in the long run. However, some champions that were impressive design and character-wise was Morde's rework, and that is pretty much about it, nothing else was different other than the grim reaper wearing sauron's armor. Earlier states of league were at its prime with champions because they were all unique, like twitch being a rat with a crossbow and mundo being... mundo. They should stop focusing only on what is written, and also look at what unfolds from the buff or nerf, see the response or backlash, and improve from there. The rules are important part to many games I play online (I am soon going to be playing black desert), and the same goes for league. HOWEVER, if riot wants to push their rules further they shouldn't repeat the Nightblue3 incident. Why is it just because that guy streams for league, he gets let off easily, and is able to get another guy banned, which in fact nightblue3 was more toxic in that game compared to the other guy. It's not just nightblue, its other people out there on league who purposely troll and so on and don't get banned (excluding people who just regularly did bad in a game, that's normal but stressful on the person who did bad). Apparently, the only rule that applies is that people who talk back are the ones who get banned, that seems to be the case at this rate. In fact, why is riot forcing rules onto many people who play the game, and just let streamers off easily as if it never happened, this goes to show the rules don't seem to apply much anymore. Riot is for sure the company of this game, but that doesn't mean they can ignore their own rules for certain people, it just isn't fair to the other players. Riot wants to stop toxic behavior, but apparently riot has been slipping from that. I know riot is changing the game to make it bigger, but it is only getting bigger champion-wise, and is shrinking the diversity and use of items and runes. Back in the early days of league, there were so many rune and item combinations for every champion, that you could come up with new ways to play that champion. Nowadays it's just conquerer yasuo, electrocute pyke, predator Hecarim, Conquerer Morde, there is not much diversity if the list went on. Also, additional stats is also what kept early game fresh, you were able to come up with different bonus stat combinations for your champion to win your lane early game. Then there are items, which only 30% of them are mainly used, I am going to be honest here. Sure, on some lucky occasion you may find someone with {{item:3056}} or {{item:3004}} , but that is pretty much almost never going to happen. Riot should buff or nerf the majority of the weapons currently to make them all seem like they would fit in a build, so item diversity is somewhat fixed, they can't just add one item a year and pray to Aurelion it works out. Finally there is champion kits, and on the bright side riot is SOMEWHAT improving with it, always coming up with something new for the new champion, such as yuumi being able to attach to allies, Morde making a death-battle arena, sylas stealing ults, etc. But one of the things I could let them easy on is balance issues, considering there is over like, what, 100+ champions currently? If you nerf one champion, it will have consequences corresponding to other champs, making those champs stronger against the one you nerfed, and then buffs which is just the buffed champion gaining less counterplay, counterpick, etc. It is guaranteed difficult to balance this game out due to how many champions are in the game. However, like I mentioned before, they should listen to their community for suggestions on what needs to change, such as fixing Morde who is a little too strong at the moment. Another thing they should improve on, SLOW DOWN with the DASHES. Not every champion needs a dash, I know its probably an excuse for either an escape tool or engage tool but seriously, there are champions without dashes that play extremely well such as miss fortune and Swain. At least, yet again, they kept Mordekaiser consistent, and Yuumi too (somewhat). At this rate, Riot really needs to chin up and start helping out their game more, the company knows it is a popular game, but that doesn't mean they should stop trying to fix issues, it is only making less people play and join. A correlation I could make is like when someone has like all A's in their school grades, then stops trying and eventually screws up and now they failed one or two classes. If someone from the Riot Company is reading this, I am not mad or anything, but I don't want other people to be mad at your and your game, or them losing faith in having fun with the game. If you want your game to constantly be rising, you should listen to your community and look back on what your doing wrong, and improve up from that. Anyway, comment your thoughts.
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