Riot Report/Ban/Suspension system is getting ridiculous...

So a little background on me, I used to be this REALLY toxic player. Like really toxic, so recently I've managed to start a new account and get it to level 22 without flaming ANYONE. I was **so** proud of myself, YET to my absolute surprise, somehow today I received a 10-game chat restriction. And also to my surprise it was because of several reports I had gotten from players that flamed me in-game themselves and whom I reported myself for excessive toxicity. In my opinion, this is beyond ridiculous how this game was put up as me misbehaving and "flaming" another player, while I'm literally just telling them to calm down and how I used to be toxic, trying my best to be unresponsive to their name-calling, swearing, call-outs and constant flaming. Even telling the enemy team that I'm flaming in team chat and that they should report me. Ridiculous. Please tell me if I really am still toxic in this Game and I just can't tell and I'm blind to it, because in my opinion there's nothing toxic about how I reacted to that player **literally** harassing me since the start of the game. Here I am, trying to improve my behavior, but then I get hit like stuff like this and I really wonder - is it really worth it at all? Here is my "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" below :) sorry for ranting. **Game 1 In-Game MAVENsmurf: thanks for giving me a reason to report u MAVENsmurf: you'll get banned MAVENsmurf: im just learning her MAVENsmurf: i dont care about you :) MAVENsmurf: i can beat you 1v1 with my main easily. MAVENsmurf: banned ez MAVENsmurf: i love when toxic people MAVENsmurf: give u #1 reason MAVENsmurf: to get them banned :D MAVENsmurf: dude i was a toxic kid too, u gotta understand MAVENsmurf: ppl play normal to chill and test new champs MAVENsmurf: you need to relax MAVENsmurf: its my first time on her MAVENsmurf: so what? MAVENsmurf: you're 1/5 yourself :P MAVENsmurf: yeah well MAVENsmurf: don't flame then MAVENsmurf: if you have excuses MAVENsmurf: you are but okay :d MAVENsmurf: You flame me because you're insecure, and think I should tryhard a normal game MAVENsmurf: when im just testing a new champ MAVENsmurf: the fact is I can beat this darius with my main AND you on the same lane if i really wanted to :P MAVENsmurf: so you think why you flame ppl in normal games MAVENsmurf: and if thats psychologically healthy Post-Game MAVENsmurf: sorry but i gotta report lee MAVENsmurf: for excessive flaming in a norm game :P MAVENsmurf: hope you learn your lesson dude MAVENsmurf: gg **
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