I've seen many people posting discussions about India needing its own server and riot has been ignoring them for past many years. Riot if you think India is poor and can't afford to play , that's not true (stop being money minded!!) . There are many players who play league in India and gaming is becoming a really big trend here and many gaming houses are being set up as well. I know people from the neighboring countries like Pakistan who also play league a lot ....but the ping is a very big issue ... We only got the option to play on either EuWest(150-200ms) , NA(230-300ms) or Garena(<100ms) Due to the language barrier players prefer NA and some play on Eu but honestly it's no fun to play with this ping. Can you please just give us a server with decent enough ping to play! There are many who enjoy league but are annoyed and can't play because of the ping and hence shift to DOTA but honestly DOTA isn't fun at all ... League is better and I think us south East Asian countries would appreciate it a lot if you could just please give us a server with low ping .. climbing with this ping is impossible and exhausting because no matter how hard you try there will be players who have better ping than you and would stomp you in game ..
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