What support is best at carrying potato's?

Im serious, the last game i played just brought me over the edge , I hate the "logic" that goes into this game so much, my cait adc was a potato so i went full carry on morg, bought {{item:3143}} and {{item:3001}} cause the enemy team had a {{champion:23}} and {{champion:55}} , I stopped baron twice by sniping the enemy jungler , but then my team makes the SHIITITTTIIIEST baron calls and my pings arnt enough to stop them *im chat restricted after experiencing tank support too much* Oh and i did the most damage in the game. But ya in all honesty, whats the best champion to carry as support in gold elo, ive been playing veigar since normally the games last long enough but after seeing my tristana randomly jump into the enemy botlane at lvl 4 when they were over half hp I just gave up instantly lol... Like are there any earlier game ap supports that can 1v9?
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