So I played a game as Support to see if things are as bad as they seem...

They're worse. I know I would joke about playing and watching things while I'm support but holy shit, even my Soraka, a champion even my high elo friends say I'm annoying asf to deal with because I actually understand the starfall heal mechanics enough to abuse tf out of them, can't do shit. I literally only got as far as I did in my build because I purposely ks'd 1K gold bounties. I couldn't afford to buy a single pink ward and my ADC was relegated to doing so otherwise Kha'Zix, who camped us to death, would have actually gotten kills. That game was 40 minutes long and I was soo behind in my build it wasn't funny. Normally with skirmishes and catchouts it'd net you some gold in a fight but honestly there's no point in fighting as support anymore. You are literally just as relevant when you AFK in base and ult periodically as when you're actually out there trying to make makes. If you thing that there's nothing wrong with Support at this time then you're a part of the problem. I have lived through some shit metas. And I mean so REAL SHIT METAS. I'd rather have back the Tank City Classic than deal with this bullshit on support. We can't shield shit, we can't heal shit, we can't zone shit because we have no money and everyone else outscales us. We can't control dragon for shit. I used to be able to stop a jungler and stall long enough to give my team time to get there but now if I leave lane I lose more than I gain even if we get dragon. This shit is awful and it wouldn't be so awful had Riot not nerfed every utility based support to hard that playing AP mages with CC was the only viable option. This is YouTube levels of yall fucked up and we have to suffer for your stupidity and lack of give a damn and refusal to listen to feedback. Yall should have kept 3V3 and altered that to be a 4v4 map. Hell just remove support from both lane and make summoner's rift a 4v4 map since it's that anyway. I mean I guess I can hide in that hoe ally on bot lane and just wait there in that bush to be fucked since yall are already doing that to supports for free. I literally can't. And then these tiny dots that took me a solid 30 minutes to realize what they were because of how small they were. They get overlapped by other things on the map no matter what size you make the mini map like holy shit. This auto dragon buff is trash, top lane has no pressure and is about as relevant as support, no one gives a shit about rift herald anymore, but why would they when they can just get free dragons uncontested and camp bot lane for free gold because the support can't afford to ward the now additional areas y'all made. I don't know how any new player is going to have the patience or desire to deal with this nonsense. Nope fuck that. Yall keep ya e-sports. Keep your music videos. Keep your overpriced hoodie with the letter R on it. I'm taking my Darkins and we're leaving to go draw and play Sims, Miitopia, and Mario Maker. Nope. You can't fucking convenience me someone wasn't using their asshole as a canon to fire off ideas into the air and whatever nuggets stuck to the balance and map design team's forehead got in. You can't convince me that didn't happen.
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