Tea is bad for you guys, take it from me Dr. Karto M.D

Well you might say it has some health benefits but the bad outweighs the good. The bad you see as I noticed in my studies is that tea makes you say stuff in funny accents and also makes you drink cups like a little girl, pinching it with your pinky finger up involuntarily. It takes one hell of a drug to have it control your rbains cerebral cortex movements like that So it does effect your mental state which is dangerous. You start calling people "Mates" instead of the usual "bro" as if you are wanted to mate with everyone you say mate to which only lower classes of mammal like rabbits can do but not necessarily healthy for humans. You also begin to forget what traditional things are called like the tip of your tongue moments but imagine it forever. For example if you go to grocery store ((true story i saw this happen)) some avid tea drinker with teabags in his cart told his son so to bring the shopping ""trolly""? to the line, which he clearly forgot it was a shopping cart not a train but needed it to substitute. Tea needs to be regulated like smoking and alcohol is
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