Here's the title: NERF MASTER YI RIOT GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

This is as simple as I am going to put this..... YI IS BROKEN!!! HE IS BROKEN!!! WITH RAGEBLADE AND WITS END to enchantment bloodrazor he gets.. he can't be stopped.. Just nerf him... it's not even fair that he can melt an entire team on his own... he needs to have nerfs... You Nerf every other champion on your roster but not him... he can EVEN MELT TANKS!!! TANKS WE ARE TALKING.... What is the point of playing if he can gain this much of an advantage at mid game and not even hit late game and just nuke you before you even get the chance to hit him.... If a Riot Employee can just READ THIS POST and I can get upvotes on this for nerfing him that would be great!!!
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