People need to stop with this kind of sh*t...

So everyone is this days playing ranked to "have fun" and not to win I guess. Almost every 3rd game i get first timers, while in enemy team there are 3-4 guys with 200k or above. Also getting people that just decide to go afk. I had Pantheon in one game that went 9/3 and went afk cause we lost one fight that didnt cost us even one tower, but cause we lost he left, also was being extremely toxic. So we lost that game, then i get Darius with 700k that goes 3/10 not even being camped, having 8k, while enemy Lulu(support) had 10k. Then same Darius in my team again on top...he goes 2/7 and deals 10k while enemy Thresh dealt 12k...whats up with ranked? People constantly go afk, troll, even int but thats like really rare these days, atleast for me. Whats up with my team flaming me or some teammates because we made one small mistake or because we didint do what they wanted us to do like please...stop being so toxic. Stop flaming, stop literally ruining this game. I get Vayne top that sucks bro, then i get Darius with 600k that was also garbage, afk people, Jax saying in champ select smth like "i got this guys i am on winning streak" then goes afk level 1 without leashing, Kayle gets her level 8 and he comes back and we lost since Kayle was scaling quite well. So whats up with all this? I wasnt carried in 1, 1 single game since the start of this season and i have around 80 games, I cant even carry cause somebody gets caught in late game and thats gg, nobody wards, even if i get well fed they will just sell game by dying 1 by 1 or just by me getting one shoted because of enemy Diana being 10/0 or something. Please give me some advices and tell me what to do because im really getting bored of this.
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