Wanna climb? Dodging is important part of it and it will speed it up

Just read few topics about dodging and realised how many ppl hate them, so I just want to add some fuel to the fire. \----------------------------- Dodging is important thing everyone should learn and do if they want to climb quickly, effectively and seriously. You should be able to climb to your rank without this method, but it might speed things up and you might get even higher. There are two ways to dodge, you can shutdown client or you won't pick champ. Higher you climb, more important it gets. Dodge if you want to keep your mentality, MMR and LP. \----------------------------- Easiest thing to do is copy champ select chat after you connect to one(BigDDravenMain joined the lobby etc.) paste it to any better site(I'm using OP.GG) and here you go. I'm dodging if 3 ppl are autofilled, if 3 ppl are under 45% winrate, if they want to play unusual pick without any played games on that(or new champ). You can adjust it to just for two ppl, but you will lose more time, also dodging first timers might be good idea(you don't know if they are smurfs, but there is no reason to risk it, unless they have like 70% winrate on everything else). Dodging champ select trolls might be good idea as well, most of the times they are either autofilled or their mental might easily go boom. \----------------------------- WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO. Is look up their OP.GG, shame them for their win rates and then don't dodge. Top laner wants to pick his 20% winrate in 50 games Riven? What you can do is politely suggest other picks he might be better with, if he won't we will save our lp. For God's sake don't trash talk them, act like they are little childer, you don't need to have any real respect for them, they might be the trashiest trashes with saliva dripping from their chins, but we don't insult them, bcs we want some lp. After few dodges you will get the grip. One of the worst thing is when you were thinking about dodging, but you were like "Nah, let's try" and you are sitting there with 0/14 bot lane, 0/6 top lane, waiting for the end. Good luck with climbing, keep on dodging. Edit: 1 queue dodge: 6 minute queue penalty. Lose 3 LP. 2+ queue dodges: 30 minute queue penalty. Lose 10 LP. Dodging in promo will lose you 1 game.
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