Runes Reforged QoL suggestions

1 Let us delete the default pages I understand that default pages are a great feature for new players but for older players they just take up room in the drop box. Give us the option to delete them if we want to. 2 'Show detailed description during comparison' tick box should remain ticked if I leave the menu. I have to re-tick this box every time I create a page or edit a page. I understand this will be less of an issue when we are more familiar with the pages but please. 3 In-game rune statistics box should portray current values before life-time values I want to tap c and see how much my spells are healing me for before I want to know how many unique champions I have killed. I want to know how much damage I do after I dash before I want to know how much I have dealt all game. Show current information first, and show the rest when I mouse over each section. Also, when I have killed 4/5 unique champions I have no clue who the last person is that I am supposed to kill.
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