Permabans are broke

I'm permabanned. Had some stress, handled it poorly, etc. In my case though, I'd done the same thing multiple times in the past. Many bans over the years, toxicity alternating with decency as my situation fluctuated. This last month I took it far enough to get banned after my two weeks were up. But I really haven't changed in intensity or frequency. This was an outlier. In any random sampling you'll get occasional flukes, a period that lasts just a bit too long. But it wasn't qualitatively different from how I behaved in the past decade I have played this game. So I want to ask: If I have always deserved a permaban, why did it take so long? And if I don't, why is it so sensitive to short periods rather than long term patterns? There's a flaw here, which of the two do you think it is?
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