We don't like something. Let's wait an entire year to address it.

Big fucking thanks riot. You're going to fix all the problems of Season 8 during Pre-season 9 that could've been addressed in 1 or 2 patches at the beginning of the season. But noooo you'd rather let everything snowball into a giant problem and wait until the next year to fix it. It's so fun seeing the same 10 champions spammed in ranked every single game. Diversity is actually a fucking meme right now. When's the last time you didn't see ahri/pyke/irelia/kassadin/leblanc, at least one or two of those in any of your games. It's downright pathetic. All the new champions have 40 different escapes. Pyke can infinitley run away like a fucking puss and irelia has infinite sustain with her corrupting potion + bone plating + q passive bullshit. Everything oneshots everything and there is little counterplay. Mobility is fucking rediculously unfun to play against and hardly any mistake is punishable anymore. I no longer feel rewarded when I make a good play, I just attribute it to my champion's bullshit kit. Thanks a lot.
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