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The developer of Dota2- Valve is a smaller company compared to Riot. Still valve makes multiple games and Dota 2 has never been affected by less resources. I dont know what the internal picture is in Riot,but i do wanna make a comparison. Valve does this TI battle pass every year and 2 collector's cache(loot boxes giving certain skins when u roll them). The amount of reward a battle pass have is unbelievable. From Arcana to custom map,custom minion skins,chat wheels,announcer pack etc. And they do it every year. No wonder they accumulated 30+million $ for the prize money of TI10. I must mention that 25% of the sells of battle pass and loot boxes go to prize money. Valve managed to make that much money from a relatively smaller player base. Dota 2 can be hard to get into but valve sure does put in work so people are actually satisfied with their products. on the other hand, Riot games struggles to keep the PVE mode alive,the only special thing we get for worlds is a championship skin. And all of these aren't that much of a topic to talk about but what's actually in my mind is that for the 10th anniversary, we may just get a preseason talk that we get anyway every year, we may get the new adc revealed who will have bouncy tits to make her appealing to the teenage kids,we will get a TFT update notes that most of us wont care anyway, we might get a client update that'll just update the login screne and nothing inside. Maybe i'm bitching about everything and expecting more than what i should. The fact that we Garena server players dont have a way to join PBE even after 10 years and now cant even see out stats because Garena stopped supporting Riot API where riot decided not to intervene says the amount of care we get already. Good luck...looking forward to the celebration. We can only hope. šŸ˜
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