I played Lol when it just released. I severely dislike that...

... frontloaded dmg is much higher. ... games are shorter. ... towers offer less protection ... there is more mobility ... my hot neighbour shamelessly undressing with an open window distracting me for only one second means certain death. ... objectives are dead before you can even ping that they are alive. ... getting killed once in lane feels terribly demoralising. ... playing something you're unfamiliar with often means you're in for a shitty experience ... etc (I also miss taking 80% hp with Gangplank's magic dmg crit pistol) It doesn't even matter if any of this is factual or just my subjective experience. (I was a little shit for most of the time anyways.) HOWEVER, and this is what might shock you: I am also fully aware that LoL is objectively still a great game that has a lot of heart. It just isn't the game I personally knew and loved back then anymore. It evolved into something different, targeting newer audiences, trying out things that I don't feel like getting involved in. Am I happy about this? No. Am I vocal about being unhappy? Yes. Does Riot owe me to develope the game as I want it to be though? NO. This is exactly why it is important share opinions, discuss things, exchange feelings. Not to enforce one perspective, but to develop multiple, different lenses with which you can look at the game and what it means to people. Before anyone thinks that I am trying to preach from some imaginary moral high ground, I would like to emphasize that I don't think of my thread as better or more useful than the average “Riot sucks thread“. I just think that it is a valid view which sadly is yet underrepresented. (As a rather minor addition I would like to urge the mods to change what threads make it to the top and which not. A heavily disliked opinion deserves as much attention as a heavily liked one as long as people left comments to clarify and exchange their views) PS: this damn post got far longer than I intended it to be and at least seven paragraphs longer than it should be. Thanks for wading through though.
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